Writing #2

Listen, I never asked for you two to happen to me.

I don’t know what made you guys think you could just pick up someone’s heart and look at it for a while out of curiosity and then put it back unchanged,

but you can’t.

I didn’t ask for this, you just came and picked me up like a kid picking up a crab on the beach.

As a kid, did you ever think about how the crab felt?  Or did you just want to see how it’s legs moved in the air out of a destructive fascination?  Why can’t you just be happy watching the crab from a distance while it goes about its life?

Or maybe you just didn’t understand that it could feel something.

I have always empathized more with crabs than other people.

If only I could be more like a crab, I’d pinch the hell out of you assholes.

Not enough to do any damage, because even when I’m mad you both I don’t feel any less for you.  Just enough to sting.

Enough to make you think, “Shit, that was a bad thing for me to do.”

I don’t want you to change, because I don’t think you can and I’m not in the habit of asking for the moon and the stars, but I do want you to be sorry.

It’s time you learned how to empathize with creatures different from you, even crustaceans.


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