Tokyo in Black and White, April

I feel like I should write more about these instead of just flinging them online.  April was the start of a new year, and consequently a time for a lot of walks around the city to recenter myself and remind myself why I do anything ever.  It was about finding little lovely things about my immediate neighborhood, and dipping into the far-flung places out west late at night with friends.  Trying to love every little bit of the street from my house to my office, because being unable to do that would mean being unable to continue with anything.

It was also hanami season, which wasn’t as much of a drunken disaster area as it was last year.  But I always hate seeing the cherry blossoms, so even though I shoot them because they’re lovely it’s always from an internal space of irritation and sadness.

I also had a problem with one role of film where some black and white film had been rolled into a color canister, so some of these are extremely dark and also the film shop people were quite mad.


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